White Phantom is a member of the BiYong Palmu King's Guard and is a personal guard to King JinWon.


White Phantom has pale gray-brown hair worn in two long, thin ponytails. She is particularly notable for her eyes, which are black with pale brown irises, and a pair of green horns which protrude from the back of her neck. She also appears to wear a green, teardrop-shaped jewel on her forehead. She wears a white uniform with flowing sleeves and black and green accents.


Season 1Edit

When King JinWon (Won Lee) prepares to leave the palace and calls for Black Wolf, White Phantom appears instead. Won Lee tells her to get ready because they are going out. When she asks where he intends to go this late at night, he replies that they are going to JuWah.[1]

Won Lee creates a commotion at Yu HyangRu in his quest to buy Nabi, and when YoungHwa Wol arrives, he has White Phantom throw multiple chests full of gold coins on the ground.[2]

After Nabi makes her getaway and Won Lee exits from Doctor Ma's clinic, White Phantom suggests that they return to the palace since the court will be convening shortly, but he chastises her for allowing Nabi to leave alone. She replies that the BiYong Palmu only shadow the king unless he commands them to reveal themselves. She asks His Majesty for his forgiveness, but he responds that she is lucky he is without his sword, causing her to sweat nervously.[3]

When Won Lee decides to destroy the slum village, he calls upon White Phantom to summon the royal guard.[4]

When Won Lee arrives at JinHee Palaces looking disheveled, Black Wolf demands a report from White Phantom, who responds that she left his side briefly while she led the royal guard. Black Wolf takes responsibility for their lapse in protecting the king.[5]

At the market street, when Won Lee spots Juk Lee accompanying Nabi and confronts him, White Phantom intervenes with her polearm after Juk Lee draws his sword and asks them to stop.[6]

Season 2Edit

In town, as Won Lee offers to buy Hong Wol's final work, White Phantom confronts BeckHo, who was tailing Won Lee. BeckHo throws her to the ground before fleeing.[7]


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