Butterfly LullabyEdit

These are the lyrics to the butterfly lullaby that Hwi Lee sang to Danah Yu when they were children,[1] and that Won Lee sang in part as he tried to sleep in Danah's lap after drinking.[2] Danah also sings this lullaby to a baby who does not smile for anything else.[3][4]

Butterfly Butterfly, come flutter over here
Towards my heart, which moves for thee
Let thy fragrance be delivered to me

Only once, do the skies drench in the scarlet blaze
At the Perennial River, the moon fulfills its phase
Butterfly Butterfly, while I sleep,
caress thy lips upon my cheek...

On the verge of tears, do I yearn for thee
When in joy, do I smile with glee
Butterfly Butterfly, perch gently on my fingertips...

I shall shift my fears
Into the wind,
And disperse them into the air
Thy resting place shall be in my arms,

And my resting place shall be in thine, also...

05 butterfly

Crimson MoonEdit

The lyrics of the Crimson Moon song suggests that the common people are very much aware that the previous Queen and the Crown Prince were murdered, and that they are asking for a new world. Councillor Jagyum Yu admits that the Crimson Moon has the support of the people, and the Queen Mother decreed that anyone heard singing this song would be executed on the spot. The Crimson Moon refers to Crown Prince JinYon, and the "sun" refers to King JinWon.[5]

The night when the tiles became stained with red,
the sky had lost its beautiful light.

Those tired faces gleam under the crack of the moonlight,
Those dejected hearts are smeared blood-red,

The Perennial River fills up over the long night,
As we wait for the blue tiles to be steeped in crimson, once the moon arises,

When the Crimson Moon arises, the grass rejoices in its whistling tune,
Yet, when the sun rises, they are immersed in deep sorrow,

Moon, Moon, rise
Oh Crimson Moon, rise.

10 Juk Lee and Hwi Lee


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