SeRyun Hwang is the daughter of Left Ambassador SeHyung Hwang. She is one of the three bridal candidates for King JinWon, chosen by the Queen Mother YonRi Yoon.


SeRyun has long brown hair and black eyes.


Season 2Edit

Nabi watches from the Councillor's residence as Treasurer Hak-Gyu Kim and Defense Minister JiHyun Wi, neither of whom were named in the covenant, arrive at the palace. She notes that the Left Ambassador's men are absent, which seems to confirm that his daughter is the Queen Mother's choice of bridal candidate.[1]

Season 3Edit

The two bridal candidates meet at the Queen Mother's quarters, and both Danah and SeRyun introduce themselves to Yonri Yoon, who compliments them on their beauty and asks them to assist each other and do their best to help His Majesty. The royal servants suddenly arrive with a royal decree announcing a third candidate: Princess HyunBin.[2]


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