The following are minor characters who had small or brief roles in Twelfth Night". They are listed in order of their appearance in the story.

Season 1Edit


02 rivals

AnYoung with YonRi Yoon

AnYoung was the Queen of GaGook during the reign of King JinHyul. She was the mother of the crown prince, Hwi Lee. Sometime after King JinHyul's death from a long illness, the queen's quarters were mysteriously set on fire and she hurriedly woke her son, urging him to flee from JinHee Palace. Once he was gone, royal consort YonRi Yoon arrived with her soldiers and assassinated the queen.[1]

As the queen, AnYoung and her son held a higher status in the royal family than the royal consort and her son Won Lee. Because of this, Hwi Lee was the crown prince even though he was a year younger than Won Lee.


Dalleng is one of the servants from Danah Yu's residence, and is often shown searching for Danah after one of her escapes from home.

JinHyul LeeEdit

07 Jin Hyul

JinHyul Lee, also known as King JinHyul, ruled GaGook until his death 10 years before the story begins. He was the father of both Hwi Lee and Won Lee. He died after a prolonged illness, at which time his wife, Queen AnYoung, became regent for the Crown Prince.[2][3]

SeHyung HwangEdit

Left Ambassador SeHyung Hwang is one of the ministers of GaGook. He is only seen in bits and pieces in Seasons 1 and 2, and takes on a slightly larger role in Season 3 as the father of one of the king's bridal candidates, Lady SeRyun Hwang.

HwaHyun SahEdit

HwaHyun Sah was a minister of GaGook who, 21 years ago, was accused of treason and executed by the Captain of the Royal Guards, Ha Lee by order of King JinHyul. His wife along with his daughter, BeckHwa Sah, were thrown in prison. BeckWa would later become YoungHwa Wol, the Crescent Blossom, and dedicated her life to proving her father's innocence.[4][5]

Ha LeeEdit

12 Ha Lee

Ha Lee appears in two different flashbacks in the story. He was the Captain of the Royal Guards during King JinHyul's reign, and executed HwaHyun Sah for treason 21 years ago.[5] He also raised the boy who would later become the companion to the crown prince, a year before the revolt in which YonRi Yoon came to power.

Ha Lee's wife appears in the second flashback, spending a final moment with her "son" before he leaves for the palace. When he is gone, she holds a picture he had just drawn, and cries.[6]

Hyun SahEdit

12 Hyun Sah

Hyun Sah is the brother of BeckHwa Sah (YoungHwa Wol). He, along with the rest of his family, was thrown in prison after his father's execution, then exiled. When he attempted to attack the King's half brother, SeGi Lee, he ended up being beaten himself, and both siblings begged for mercy. When SeGi Lee tossed a knife in front of them and stated that he would show mercy to the first of the two to kill the other, Hyun immediately grabbed the knife and stabbed his sister, then dumped her body in the snowy forest.[5]

SeGi LeeEdit

SeGi Lee is the half-brother of King JinHyul. When siblings Hyun and BeckHwa Sah were forced to work hard labor on his property, he attempted to rape BeckHwa as she slept. Hyun tried to save his sister, but was beaten. As they begged for mercy, SeGi Lee threw down a knife and stated that the first to kill the other will be shown mercy. After Hyun stabbed BeckHwa, SeGi laughed that humans treasure their own lives above all others, and ordered Hyun to discard the body.[5]

White PearlEdit

13 White Pearl b

White Pearl is a member of the BiYong Palmu King's Guard. As Hwi Lee and Juk Lee try to make their escape from the palace after stealing the Covenant, White Pearl captures Hwi Lee with her whip. When he drops to the ground, he yanks her with her own whip and kicks her across her head. He then throws a smoke bomb and and escapes. Black Wolf orders her and another guard to find Hwi Lee, injured by one of Black Wolf's poisoned daggers.[7]


Chung is a boy who steals the medicine Won Lee procured for Nabi in order to give it to his sick little brother Woon. Won Lee tracks him to the slums and proceeds to destroy it. After a confrontation with Hwi Lee, Chung tells an angry mob that Won Lee is the Crimson Moon, causing Won Lee, Hwi Lee, and Danah Yu to flee.


26 Woon

Woon is a small, sick boy who lives in the slums of GaGook. His older brother Chung steals some medicine from Won Lee for him, who tracks him to the slums. Woon mistakes Won Lee for the Crimson Moon, and wishes that the king they have now would disappear. This causes Won Lee to decide to make the village disappear instead. Hwi Lee saves Woon from Won Lee.[8][9]

Season 2Edit


Sori is an assistant to Doctor Ma.


BeckAh is a member of the BiYong Palmu King's Guard.[10] It is unknown why the webtoon translator did not give this character a "White *" name.

Gyum MengEdit

Gyum Meng is RokHa Jang's subordinate. He initially poses as the head of the NakChun Trading Company of SeoSeo during a meeting with Nabi and Juk Lee.[11]

Season 3Edit

White SnakeEdit

White Snake is a member of the BiYong Palmu King's Guard and becomes King JinWon's personal guard.[12]

Lady SeRyun's maidEdit

71 hunted maid

SeRyun Hwang's maid has been at her life-long service. She is privy to Lady SeRyun's activities including planting poisonous herbs in Lady Danah's garden at the palace. This eventually leads to Lady SeRyun's desire to erase all evidence that could implicate her, including the maid. Lady SeRyun's father and several soldiers hunt her down in the woods, but she is rescued by the Crimson Moon. Soon after, Nabi carries her to Princess HyunBin's residence.[13]


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