Juk Lee is the bodyguard of Hwi Lee and a member of the rebel army. His cover is that of a musician of Yu HyangRu in the JuWah District (pleasure quarters), and companion to Nabi.


As a boy, he had brown-black hair and gold eyes.[1][2] As an adult he has white hair with one section on his front right side still dark, and wears an eye patch over his blind eye.


Major spoilers beyond this point!


Juk Lee's father was Ha Lee, Captain of the Royal Guards of GaGook under King JinHyul. He was only 11 when he fled with Hwi Lee from JinHee Palace when the queen was assassinated after the death of the king.[1]

Season 1Edit

Juk Lee is greeted by Solhwa Wol as he returns to Yu HyangRu from his visit to the country of NamHyun.[3] Later, as Hwi Lee returns from the rebel army hideout, Juk Lee informs him that he met with the retired Inspector General in NamHyum and secretly asked a local inspector to investigate the rumor that began the month before, in an attempt to confirm it. Hwi Lee asks why the local inspector was involved, and Juk Lee replies that it was to stir up the palace. He adds that the inspector disappeared three days ago, possibly captured by the Queen mother's henchmen, which verifies the existence of the secret Covenant—a document signed by those who were responsible for the fire at the palace 10 years ago. Once Hwi Lee completes his transformation into Nabi, they set off for Yu HyangRu.[4]

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


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