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Hwi Lee is the 18-year-old former Crown Prince, and arguably the rightful emperor to the throne, driven from the palace as a child by assassins. He is now the leader of the rebels against the government,[1] and known across the country as the Crimson Moon;[2] his true identity is known to only his closest associates. By day, he lives his life as Nabi, a courtesan. He is also known as a highly valued painter named Hong, with his rare paintings costing a hefty sum to those who buy them.

JinYon means Crimson Moon in Chinese characters.[2]


Hwi Lee is a young, attractive man with long blue-black hair, tied back in a low pony tail, and emerald green eyes. He wears a basic men's hanbok with khaki trousers, dark blue jokki, wrist guards, and sandals. He is also fairly androgynous, as he is capable of passing as Nabi, the attractive and alluring courtesan.


Fairly focused on his goals, Hwi Lee also has an occasional curious side. He first and foremost strives to keep his real identity unknown and not interfere in other people's lives if it is not necessary, however this goes more to protecting those he is close to. As a leader of the rebel army, he cares very much for his country and his people. He is not afraid to do the right thing, and does not like when his comrades get hurt. He will not hesitate to fight to kill (as Crimson Moon) if needed. When it comes to Danah, he is very passive and selfless, never correcting her about mistaken identities.


Season 1Edit


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