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Twelfth Night is a 94-episode webtoon series written and drawn by Muryu, and divided into three seasons.

Current free rotation:
Season 2 - Episode 37 through Season 3 - Episode 50

Daum (Korean version)Edit

The webtoon was first published on Daum on 31 May 2012. There are a total to 96 episodes, including the Season 1 and Season 3 Epilogues which were not released in the English version.

The webtoon is completed on Daum but all episodes except for the teaser and prologues are pay-to-view.

Spottoon (English version)Edit

The webtoon was first published on Spottoon in mid 2015, and completed in December 2016. The episodes are primarily locked/pay-to-view.

Unlocked episodesEdit

  • The first 20 episodes are permanently unlocked.
  • There is a weekly rotation of 14 episodes that are temporarily unlocked/free.

The English version has only 94 episodes since the Season 1 and Season 3 Epilogues were excluded.


Teaser/Prologue part 1&2 3 episodes
Season 1 23 episodes
Season 2 23 episodes
Season 3 47 episodes

The episode numbering system is different between the Korean and English versions. The Korean version is numbered by Season-Episode, e.g. Season 2 Episode 5, and the teaser and prologues are not numbered. The English version starts with the teaser as Episode 1. The tables below use the English version.

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Season 1 - Shoe of FlowersEdit

Episode No. Episode status
01 permanently free
Teaser. This is a preview with snippets of each revealed character's point of view.
02 permanently free
Prologue - Red Tiles Part 1. As flames engulf the royal palace, the crown prince and his companion are awoken by his mother the Queen, who tells them to immediately flee. She has a final conversation with YonRi Yoon, a royal consort who has decided to take over the rule of the country of GaGook, just before she is assassinated. YonRi Yoon then sends her assassins after the two boys. The boys recall their teacher's words to run west until they find a house with a red-tiled roof. They eventually find a place to hide, but not before one of the boys is injured by an assassin's dagger.
03 permanently free
Prologue - Red Tiles Part 2. At the JuWah District in the pleasure quarters, a girl named SolHwa alerts her mother to two boys hiding in their home, one of them wounded. The woman is shocked when one of the boys drops a familiar red-tasseled pendant, and she realizes the true identity of the two. She decides to test their worth by trying to force one to kill the other in exchange for his life. The boy instead stabs his own right eye, and offers to stab the other one if it means that she will save the other boy. The woman stops him and picks up the pendant. Two hours previously, the boys were given the pendant by their teacher and told to give it to a woman named YoungHwa who will help them. The woman reveals that the pendant was originally hers, and identifies herself as YoungHwa, the "Crescent Blossom". She decides to take the boys in. There is then a ten-year time skip to the 11th year of King JinWon's reign.
04 permanently free
During the moon festival in the city of HyangJu, Won Lee is playing a betting game when he watches a confrontation between Danah Yu (dressed as a boy) and a nobleman who was headed for JuWah. When the nobleman realizes that she is really a girl, he decides to abduct her. As she is being carried near Won Lee, she grabs his arm and begs for help, but he only pulls his arm away. A fan flies through the air and hits the nobleman in the back of the head, causing both him and Danah to fall on top of Won Lee. Nabi retrieves her fan as she apologizes in a mocking tone and Won Lee laughs at the scene, angering the nobleman enough to strike Nabi. She remains defiant, much to the amusement of Won Lee. The nobleman attempts to attack Won Lee for laughing at him, but is knocked over instead. As the fight continues, Nabi takes Danah away. Once they find an empty street, Nabi abandons her.
05 permanently free
After returning to JinHee Palace, King JinWon (Won Lee) learns from Black Wolf that Nabi is the "Celestial Butterfly" of Yu HyangRu. He meets with his ministers, who discuss increasing the budget of the army, in preparation for the next war with the country of Arisa to the north, by raising taxes. Another minister mentions thousands of refugees living in slums in the city who require aid. All the while, Won Lee can only think of and talk about the Butterfly, and he is happy to learn that she is still a virgin. He then goes to Yu HyangRu where Nabi chases him away. Nabi and SolHwa are met by Juk Lee, who recently returned from a trip to the country of NamHyun to the west. Won Lee drinks by a river as he recalls offering Nabi money, and being only able to afford a bottle of wine instead. Nabi had explained that even an emissary from SeoSeo gifted her with a grand pavilion and pond and yet left empty-handed, so he would have to try much, much harder. As he laughs to himself, Danah emerges from some bushes nearby and is shocked to see him.
06 permanently free
Danah and Won Lee stare at each other silently until they hear her servants approach. As Danah hides behind a rock, they ask Won Lee if he had seen a young lady pass by. He merely responds in irritation, and they leave to search elsewhere. As Won Lee decides to return to the palace, Danah thanks him for pretending not to see her, even though he was actually in a bad mood after running out of wine. She follows him and talks about her confined life at home, and eventually recognizes him from the night before. When she says she is indebted to him, he brings her along to a place called YonWol Jung to drink with him. When the alcohol runs out, he tries to sleep on her lap and sings a song from his childhood about a butterfly. Danah recognizes it and asks him if he remembers them meeting 10 years ago in BiHwa Forest. She recalls that "he" was her one comfort on that woeful day long ago, and she feared that her memories of their meeting would fade over time. She begins to cry, happy that she has met "him" again.
07 permanently free
Danah wanders alone wondering why Won Lee has completely forgotten about her, but she concedes that her memories have also faded over time. 10 years prior, when Danah was 7 years old, she went to BiHwa Forest desperately searching for a medicinal herb to help her sick mother get better. That same day, a sickly King JinHyul wished to spend the day in the forest with his sons. Hwi Lee, feeling sad about his father's failing health, decided that he wanted to be alone. As Danah washed some dirt from her flower shoes at the edge of a river, a strange boy (Hwi Lee) startled her and she dropped the shoes in the strong current. She fell among the river rocks as she tried to chase after them. As she cried about losing a precious gift from her mother, the boy retrieved one of the shoes for her.
08 permanently free
Flashback continues. The other shoe was still lost in the river, and the sun was about to set. Hwi Lee told Danah to keep this day a secret, and that she must not ever return. When he realized that she had an injured knee, he untied the ribbon from his top knot and wrapped it around Danah's wound, causing her to blush. As he carried her alongside the river, she thanked him, making him smile. The boy then sang her a butterfly lullaby to help pass the time. When Danah arrived home, herb in hand, she learned from her furious father that her mother had already died. Flashback ends.
09 permanently free
Back in the present day (the 11th year of King JinWon), as Danah looks for BiHwa Forest to regain her childhood memories, she crosses paths with Hwi Lee who suggests that she go back, since this is a restricted area from where trespassers may not return alive. When he leaves, she tries to follow him, thinking that he looks familiar, and ends up falling into the valley. She thinks to herself that over the years, nobody knew the butterfly lullaby except Won Lee. She wonders if it was really him, and wishes her memory was more clear. Hwi Lee, the rebel leader, arrives at the rebel camp hidden in the forest. BeckHo informs him that training is going smoothly, but he also has news that surprises him. Danah hears the song again and finds Won Lee near a waterfall. She questions him again, but he insists that he is not the boy from 10 years ago as he dips his foot into the floating flower petals. Won Lee has his own happy memory of BiHwa Forest and the floating petals, when his normally cold father commented on his beautiful shoe of flowers.
10 permanently free
YonRi Yoon meets with Chief State Councillor Jagyum Yu and inquires about the Crimson Moon; she is angry over receiving the head of one of her councillors from the Crimson Moon. The Councillor assures her that they are in pursuit of him, but he has the support of the people, so they have been executing entire villages that the Crimson Moon has visited. Won Lee enters singing a song about the Crimson Moon, then asks his mother if the rumors are true about the Crimson Moon being Crown Prince JinYon, who was presumed dead. The Councillor is trying to find out if he is, in fact, alive, but Won Lee suggests that the people are aware that the Queen Mother had tried to have him killed. Won Lee then forces a servant to sing the song, and beheads her before she reaches the end. After he leaves, the Queen Mother demands that the Councillor get rid of the Crimson Moon so that she may never hear the name JinYon again. She then issues a decree stating that anyone heard singing the Crimson Moon song will be put to death. Hwi Lee returns to his residence in HyangJu and meets Juk Lee, who recently returned from NamHyun after meeting the retired Inspector General. Juk Lee had also asked an inspector to investigate things there in HyanJu just to stir things up, but the man has since vanished. He is now certain that the secret Covenant, signed by the traitors 10 years ago, exists. As he talks, Hwi Lee transforms into his alter ego Nabi before leaving for Yu HyangRu.
11 permanently free
Won Lee awakens in his bed after a night of drinking and states that he won the bet. His royal consort, Rei Jang, a.k.a. Consort HyunBin, pays him 30,000 gold coins. He wonders why someone as perceptive as her would bet on GaGook's victory over Arisa when it was obvious that they would lose, and she replies that she was rooting for the nation of the man she loves. When he leaves, Rei threatens the woman in his bed to disappear or die. With Nabi still on his mind, Won Lee leaves the palace with White Phantom and returns to Yu HyangRu. Nabi, Juk Lee, and YoungHwa meet with SonWu SoeYin, a minister of GaGook, to discuss plans for stealing the covenant from Councillor Jagyum Yu's home. Nabi (Hwi Lee) and his bodyguard Juk Lee decide to steal it that night, even though it might be a trap. Once they leave, SonWu comments that both of them have grown up to be so stubborn, and tells YoungHwa that sending them to her 10 years ago was a gamble, especially considering how her parents had died. Flashback begins: 21 years ago, YoungHwa watches as her father HwaHyun Sah is sentenced to death by the king, then executed on his orders.
12 permanently free
YoungHwa Wol remembers the execution of her father by the Captain of the Royal Guards and the suicide of her mother. She, under her original name BeckHwa Sah, was engaged to SonWu SoeYin, but was exiled from the city along with her brother Hyun Sah, who wanted prove their father's innocence. During the winter, after a day of hard labor, BeckHwa was attacked by the king's half-brother SeGi Lee. Her brother at first defended her, but when given the choice to kill her or die, he stabbed her and left her for dead in the snowy woods. She survived and became a famous courtesan in HyangJu three years later, where she is reunited with SonWu SoeYin.
13 permanently free
SonWu SoeYin is grateful for YoungHwa's help 10 years ago, and she replies that the children should not be blamed for the sins of their fathers; besides, their talents have made her the prosperous owner of a renowned courtesan house. He squeezes her hand, resolved to protect both her and SolHwa. Won Lee unexpectedly arrives at Yu HyangRu to buy Nabi, revealing several chests full of gold coins. Meanwhile, the rebels create a diversion at the Councillor's residence as the Crimson Moon (Hwi Lee) steals the covenant and Mujin and BeckHo search for the missing inspector. As Hwi Lee tries to flee from the BiYong Palmu, he is momentarily caught by White Pearl. He attacks her, uses a smoke bomb, and escapes, but Black Wolf throws a poisoned dagger into his shoulder. Bleeding, Hwi Lee hides in a nearby room and is confronted by Danah.
14 permanently free
Hwi Lee recognizes Danah and is surprised that she is Jagyum Yu's daughter. As he holds his hand over her mouth, she bites it and begins to call out for help. As he tries to grab her to quiet her, they both fall, but he pushes her on top of him to soften her landing. He promises not to hurt her if she does not scream. When a servant outside asks if she is okay, she responds that everything is fine. Hwi Lee thanks her, but she replies that it was only for saving her from the fall, and she has no need for his gratitude. As she slides open a door and tells him to leave, Juk Lee appears and knocks her unconscious. Before they flee, Hwi Lee sees Danah's flower-patterned shoes and recognizes them, causing many of his old memories to return, including secretly returning her missing shoe. After inspecting the wound, Juk Lee tells Hwi Lee to rest and see a doctor in the morning, but Hwi Lee insists on going to Yu HyangRu as Nabi instead because he heard that YoungHwa had been hurt. Instead, he finds that Won Lee had won a liquor challenge against YoungHwa in order to see Nabi. As Nabi tries to avoid him, he grabs her shoulder and discovers that she is wounded.
15 permanently free
Nabi fears that Won Lee discovered her secret, but he is only upset that she is hurt and insists that she see a doctor. Nabi worries again about being found out before she passes out. Won Lee carries the collapsed courtesan to a doctor named MiSong Ma, who then kicks the drunkard out. The doctor, after discovering that Nabi is a man, prepares an antidote to the poison. When Nabi regains consciousness, she leaves immediately through a window in order to avoid Won Lee outside. The doctor decides to keep her secret hidden. Won Lee is upset with White Phantom for letting Nabi leave. As they leave for the palace, Won Lee realizes that he is obsessed with Nabi, and that he had not felt like he needed someone so much since his father... Addendum to the previous episode: After the liquor challenge, Nabi learns that YoungHwa was merely drunk and only twisted her ankle.
16 permanently free
The Councillor informs the Queen Mother that the Covenant was stolen, but on the bright side, they have confirmed that the Crimson Moon is indeed Crown Prince JinYon. Also, the Covenant is useless to him since most of the ministers support the Queen. She counters that without the Covenant to hold them back, the ministers will switch sides. The Councillor assures her that their alliance is too strong for anyone to oppose them. At this moment, the Queen Mother realizes that the Councillor deliberately wanted the Crimson Moon to steal the covenant. Regardless, in order to consolidate their power, they decide to marry their children to one another. The pregnant Princess HyunBin (Rei Jang) overhears and is unhappy at the news. As Hwi Lee paints in his studio, BeckHo arrives with the news that the missing inspector's body has been found. At the scene near a bridge, they discuss (with Juk Lee) the fact that the man knew little about the rebel army or Hwi Lee's identity, but their contact with some weapons dealers may be in jeopardy. As Danah follows Won Lee around after some gambling, they pass by a painting made by Hong Wol. She explains that he only paints BiHwa Forest and he never signs his name, only a red thumbprint which is short for "Hong" as in "Hong Wol" (Crimson Moon). Won Lee finds that fact interesting just before he abandons Danah. The injured nobleman from the festival suddenly appears. She stomps his foot before running away. As she searches for a place to hide, a door opens up and Hwi Lee pulls her inside.
17 permanently free
As they hide from the nobleman, Danah accidentally steps on the cylinder Hwi Lee had been carrying, and damages the painting that was inside. She realizes he is Hong, and wonders why an artist would pretend to be a thief. She admits that she loves his paintings of the forest, so he gifts her with the damaged painting. Outside, they run into Doctor Ma, who informs them that the slums are being attacked by the royal army. The doctor wants to help, but he can barely walk, so Hwi Lee carries him on his back. They run to the fiery slums to save who they can, and discover Won Lee in the middle holding up a small boy (Woon) whose big brother (Chung) had stolen the medicine he had bought for Nabi.
18 permanently free
The small boy mistakes Won Lee for the Crimson Moon, and wishes that the king they have now would disappear. Won Lee decides to make the village disappear instead, and orders White Phantom to summon the Imperial Guard, who proceeds to destroy everything. Hwi Lee saves Woon from Won Lee, who then attacks and subdues Hwi Lee. Won Lee suddenly stops himself when Hwi Lee momentarily reminds him of Nabi. A crowd approaches, and Chung shouts that the Crimson Moon is inside.
19 permanently free
Chung shouts at the angry mob that Won Lee is the Crimson Moon. Danah, Hwi Lee, and Won Lee escape to the woods, but the mob pursues them. Hwi Lee tells the other two to hide under a bridge while he diverts their pursuers. The three then bicker around a campfire as they dry their clothes. Danah returns home and is caught by her father. He tells her that she is no longer allowed to leave the house, that she is to be married to the king, and that he has also hired her a new tutor. She runs away to BiHwa Forest, wanting to see Won Lee again, but instead she encounters Hwi Lee.
20 permanently free
As Hwi Lee walks with some of his men in BiHwa forest, he learns that JaGyum Yu has asked for Nabi. He then spies Danah crying by the river and goes to comfort her. She is disappointed that it is him and not Won Lee. As he tends to her injured feet, she cries about her upcoming wedding, and he figures out the Councillor's plots to gain more power. He wraps her injuries and gives her a new pair of shoes (thanks to a sneaky Mujin) and paints them. Won Lee returns to the palace where he is told he will be married. Princess HyunBin approaches Won Lee with a new wager.
21 locked
Councillor Jagyum Yu is angry that Danah has run out again. Back at market street, Danah approaches Won Lee as he gambles, but he ignores her when he sees Nabi and Juk Lee in the distance. Danah's servant begs her to return home as Won Lee runs off. He grabs Nabi by the wrist and chastises her for walking with another man. Juk Lee pushes him away, and they begin to fight, but White Phantom stops them before anyone is hurt. Nabi tells Won Lee that there are some things in this world that he cannot have. When he offers her anything she wants, she replies that if she asks for this country, would he give it to her? As she and Juk Lee walk away, he thinks to himself that he will. Danah returns home, feeling jealous that Won Lee has feelings for another woman. The Councillor brings in Nabi to be Danah's teacher before her marriage. Nabi earlier justified taking on the job so that she would have access to the Councillor's home, but her real reason is to see Danah again. Danah, on the other hand, wants Nabi to teach her how to capture a man's heart.
22 locked
Danah asks Nabi to teach her how to win her Lord's heart. Nabi tries to mentally process the request, then asks Danah if she really loves him that much. Danah says she does, and tells Nabi more of her past after she lost her mother. The pain in her heart was eased when her missing shoe was returned by "him" even though he does not remember anything. Despite realizing the girl is in love with him (and thinks it is another), Nabi agrees, knowing that she cannot protect the daughter of JaGyum Yu. She suggests that Danah write Won Lee a love letter since she has difficulty speaking around him. Juk Lee reports to YoungHwa that they ran into Won Lee on the way to JaGyum Yu's residence, and that he is infatuated with Nabi. They also ask BeckHo to investigate Won Lee to find out who he really is.
23 locked
At Yu HyangRu, Juk Lee asks Nabi if she has learned anything yet, but she replies that it was only the first day. Won Lee sees them and grows jealous. He decides to just leave, while BeckHo (hiding nearby) is relieved that he found him so quickly. Princess HyunBin, in a flashback, sets up a new wager with Won Lee: If the baby is a prince, she would become the Queen at Won Lee's side; if Won Lee wins the bet, she will grant her lands in SeoSeo to him. Back in the present, her guard JiRyun Gwak reports that the king has been seen in the company of JaGyum Yu's daughter, but they are unaware of each other's true identities. Princess HyunBin hints that the world is a dangerous place, and something bad could happen to Danah. The next morning, as she prepares to leave for the Valley of the Kings with the Queen Mother, she suggests taking the BiYong Palmu guards with her, and leaving her own guard at the palace. Black Wolf warns Won Lee to stay at the palace while he is gone. Instead, he ends up gambling on market street again. As he is about to get out and leave after spotting Nabi with Juk Lee, Nabi approaches him.
24 locked
Nabi hands Won Lee a love letter from Danah, which he promptly rips apart and tosses to the ground before angrily leaving. When Nabi pieces the letter back together, she learns that Danah wishes to meet Won Lee at the Perennial River that night. Later that evening at the JuChon Inn in JuWah, three men have gathered to drink together when one of them mentions that Yu HyangRu was closed for the night because Nabi would be taking on a lover, thus having her name removed from the courtesan register. One asks who the lucky man happens to be, and another answers that he is the musician that is always by her side. Won Lee overhears the conversation and becomes enraged. He storms out into the rain and bangs on the gate to Yu HyangRu demanding to talk to Nabi. He eventually gives up and falls to his knees, and begins to sing the Butterfly song.
25 locked
Juk Lee tells Nabi not to feel sorry for Won Lee, but she knows that it is not easy to forget someone you love. When Juk Lee tells her it is now midnight, Nabi realizes that Danah is still waiting for Won Lee in the rain, and runs to find her. As a sad and soaked Danah walks back towards the Palace, she spots the broken-hearted Won Lee and follows him, thinking that he has finally come for her. They are ambushed by masked assassins who declare that they are from NamHyun. Danah assumes that their target is Won Lee, but they attack her instead. JiRyun Gwak appears, pretending to fight the assassins and telling Won Lee to go and leave them to him. As one assassin is about to kill Danah with his sword, the Crimson Moon jumps in to save her, getting slashed instead. He tells Danah to flee and she runs after Won Lee, who eventually stops, calls her a nuisance, and gives her his shoes. Hwi Lee, carrying her shoes that he painted earlier, sees them walking away together and decides to leave in the other direction.
S1 Epilogue N/A
Author's postscript, in two parts:

1. Story development and debut: Miryu wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a child. After getting many rejections and losing contests, he almost gave up on his dreams. He decided to go back to an older idea, "Twelfth Night", from 2010, which was inspired by Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Lee Seung Hwan's song Request. The webtoon was a Challenge League release in 2011 on both Naver and Daum; it was later picked up by Daum and released as a full webtoon in 2012.
2. Q&A and the future: (1) The webtoon will have three seasons (original concept was two). (2) The author was happy with the positive reception of his work, but there was a lot of criticism of Danah's behavior and some asked if she was stupid. The author criticized himself for not portraying her emotions as he intended, particularly in the scene in Episode 25 when she laughs with relief when Won Lee gives her his shoes. (3) The author needs a break before Season 2 begins, since he overworked himself after doing some revisions in the upcoming story.

Season 2 - The Sorrow Under the FacadeEdit

Episode No. Episode status
26 locked
As Woon and Chung play rough outside, Doctor Ma warns Danah to worry more about her own health than about them since her fever has only recently broken. She recalls her rescue by the Crimson Moon, and wants assurance that he is fine. The doctor informs her that nobody he knows has treated anyone like him, and she replies that she is already grateful that he has taken in the two young boys. After she leaves, the doctor tells Hwi Lee that he should tell her that he is fine so she could stop worrying about him, but he replies that she will eventually forget him. Doctor Ma tells him that he is too young to make a habit of giving up, but Hwi Lee counters that he is making the best choice for them both. A young man named Sori arrives with bundles of medicinal herbs for the doctor, and notes that he passed by Lady Danah, who did not look well. He reports that the herbs came all the way from NamHyun, and that he passed so many villages full of sick, starving, and dead people. Woon excitedly declares that the Crimson Moon will save them all, causing Chung to panic. Sori agrees with Woon, making subversive comments until he spots some medicine brewing and realizes that there is another patient around. The doctor says to not worry, since that person has already left. Hwi Lee walks through a field of grass, recalling Sori's words about the devastation around the country. As he continues to long for Danah, he tells himself that the people must come first.
27 locked
Danah pretends to have taken her studies seriously in order to lower her father's guard, and Nabi praises her act. Danah appears to have given up on Won Lee and will go along with the upcoming wedding, causing Nabi to be concerned. At the JinHee Palace training grounds, Black Wolf reports to JaGyum Yu about weapons smuggled from NamHyun and Arisa, so JaGyum Yu gives the order to execute anyone who was involved, without due process. Black Wolf points out that they were merely in need of food and not an organized force, then realizes that the Crimson Moon must be involved. A messenger arrives and hands Black Wolf the autopsy report on the assassins. Once he examines the report, he demands to see the person who conducted the autopsy and orders the messenger not to talk about the report to anyone. When he is alone again, BeckAh arrives, and Black Wolf orders her to send an urgent summons to JiRyun Gwak. Princess HyunBin, who recently returned from her trip, pretends to be angry upon hearing about the assassination attempt and demands to see his majesty. She barges into Won Lee's room only to find him drunk and depressed.
28 locked
Rei (Princess HyunBin) notes that Won Lee is trying to drown his anger and bitterness with alcohol. When he admits that something he wanted was taken by another, she advises that he should take it back no matter what. After she leaves his room, she tells JiRyun Gwak that if His Majesty gets what he wants, he will soon tire of it. Juk Lee meets up with Nabi and notes that he still pines for Danah, making their situation more dangerous. They then meet up with the head of NakChun Trading Company of SeoSeo and his underling, who supply them with 500 high-quality swords. The company head remarks that the capture of the smugglers from NamHyun and Arisa provided a fortunate diversion for the authorities, and then Nabi sweet-talks him into taking an order of guns as well. Once the trading company men leave YuHyang Ru, they reveal that their roles were switched; the underling is in fact the head of the company, RokHa, and the true underling is Gyum Meng. They realize that Juk Lee and Nabi were not fooled by their charade, and RokHa finds the situation interesting.
29 locked
Juk Lee tells Nabi that the men were testing them, and Nabi senses that the head of the company is no ordinary man. Nabi has one week to get the money to pay for the guns, but after accounting for funds already spent on the rebel army, food and clothing for the poor, and losses from the smuggling crackdown, they realize they need 100,000 nyang more. Juk Lee discovers that SolHwa is eavesdropping because she wants to spend time with them. As they joke around, Nabi tries to figure out how to raise the money. Back in town, Hong (Hwi Lee) meets the art merchant and receives only 300 nyang for his most recent painting. He then comes up with the idea of offering the very last work of Hong in order to drive up the price. When the shocked art merchant asks if he is in need of immediate funds, Won Lee appears and offers him the money. BeckHo, still tailing Won Lee, is confronted by White Phantom, whom he throws to the ground before fleeing. Won Lee wonders if a painting of BiHwa Forest could win a woman's heart, and agrees to pay 100,000 nyang for it before telling Hong to follow him.
30 locked
Won Lee brings a reluctant Hong to a gambling house, and they proceed to lose the money Hong earned from his last painting. After the final losing bet, Won Lee discovers that the winner has extra sticks hidden in his sleeve, so he grabs him and accuses him of cheating. Hong and Won Lee soon learn that every other man in the gambling house, including the owner, are in collusion. They are then beaten; Hong recalls Juk Lee telling him not to draw any attention to himself, and does not fight back. Once the two are thrown out, Won Lee notices that Hong appears unhurt and then complains that he is too broke to buy a drink. Hong tosses him a coin and apologizes for not protecting him; Won Lee recalls him saying that he would protect him earlier. Won Lee attempts to get Hong to drink with him, but he declines.
31 locked
Won Lee drinks as Hong sits nearby describing beautiful things about the country, in spite of the king's lack of care. When Hong wonders out loud what the king is doing, Won Lee replies that he wonders as well. He is happy about having a (one-sided) drinking partner, stares at Hong, asks if he has a sister, and says that he resembles Nabi. Hong asks why it is so hard for Won Lee to forget someone who dislikes him, and reveals that he still thinks of someone he met once long ago because she allowed him to be himself. He confesses that he recently met her again, but she is engaged to be married and is better off with someone else. Won Lee says that since he cannot forget Nabi, he sought advice; one person (Rei) said to take her by force while the other (Hong) said to watch from a distance. He imagines letting her fly away, and says that he wishes he had wings so he could fly away without a care, since living a restrictive life is not a life. Won Lee is surprised when Hong says that he thinks he understands. He admits that he has never experienced this kind of camaraderie before, pulls Hong closer, and drinks to their budding friendship, though Hong protests that he never agreed to befriend a drunkard. Later, Won Lee is awoken by White Phantom who asks why he is alone with a pair of large wings drawn in the sand.
32 locked
At the palace, YonRi Yoon is angry that the Councillor has entered the King's inner chamber, but he explains that he needed necessary documents because of delays caused by the king's absence. She warns him not to overstep his bounds and tells him that he is not the only one with a daughter. Won Lee, who suddenly appears, is in agreement and insists they follow the tradition of selecting three marriage candidates: The Councillor's daughter, one chosen by the Queen Mother, and one chosen by him. Princess HyunBin hears the news from a servant who assures her that she will certainly be the king's choice, but the princess knows he will probably choose the woman he is unable to forget, who she mistakenly thinks is the Councillor's daughter. Another servant delivers a letter to the princess, who becomes alarmed when she reads it. YoungHwa tells SonWu SoeYin that since Nabi left, other courtesans have begun to use her name to attract customers. He calls a meeting with Nabi, Juk Lee, and BeckHo to discuss reports of a fake Crimson Moon causing a farmers' revolt. Since the farmers will likely be executed as a warning, Nabi wants to find the fake, but Juk Lee tells her to let it go since she cannot save everyone. BeckHo reports on his investigation of the red-haired man, revealing that he has skilled bodyguards and always seems to disappear near the palace. Juk Lee then asks SonWu SoeYin if he can get him a picture of the king.
33 locked
In Moon End Village, at the outskirts of HyangJu, the villagers are dying from the plague and Doctor Kim has abandoned them. They receive news that officials at the capital want to quarantine the village. In their hour of desperation, the fake Crimson Moon (RokHa) arrives and offers them weapons. Nabi watches from the Councillor's residence as Treasurer Hak-Gyu Kim and Defense Minister JiHyun Wi, neither of whom were named in the covenant, arrive at the palace. She notes that the Left Ambassador's men are absent, which seems to confirm that his daughter is the Queen Mother's choice of bridal candidate. Nabi takes some plum blossoms from a servant before visiting Danah, who is upset that Nabi is leaving and who gifts her with a light-blue charm with plum blossom perfume as thanks. Nabi thinks to herself that she is also thankful for the chance to meet Danah again.
34 locked
As Nabi make her way towards Yu HyangRu, she is being followed. She confronts RokHa and accuses him of being a stalker. He claims to be worried that she is walking alone, and she replies that she is not alone. When Mujin appears out of nowhere, RokHa claims that he was also headed to Yu HyangRu and suggests they all walk together. He then brings up the Crimson Moon appearing in Moon End Village. Nabi tells him that she will inform her master, and leaves. Gyum Meng appears from the shadows and asks RokHa if he thinks they will take the bait. At the Palace Training Grounds, Black Wolf confronts JiRyun Gwak about the night the king was attacked and tells him that the autopsy of the dead assassins revealed specific types of sword wounds that were a specialty of an old acquaintance who died 10 years ago. Gwak admits that the Crimson Moon helped him, and Black Wolf realizes that his old acquaintance (Mujin) unexpectedly survived and must have taught the technique to the Crimson Moon. Gwak reveals that the Crimson Moon has a wound on his back. Chung and Woon watch as a soldier puts up a wanted poster for a man with a large scar on his back.
35 locked
At Market Street, as passersby gossip about the wanted man, the old man who runs the gambling table wonders why Danah does not give up waiting for the insensitive bastard who does not return her feelings. As he complains that the "fool" has not been around for a while, Won Lee suddenly appears. Danah's attention is now on the wanted poster, and she wonders why the government has a bounty on the Crimson Moon, who had simply saved her. At the clinic, Sori tells Danah to take her medicine three times a day. When she asks for the whereabouts of Doctor Ma, he tells her that he is at Moon End Village, which was devastated by the plague. Danah offers to help him deliver supplies to the doctor, and remembers her own sick mother. Sori declines her offer, so instead she gives him money to pay for more medicine and offers to get more, but he tells her that the Crimson Moon has already given them a generous supply of food and medicine. At Moon End Village, Hwi Lee tells Mujin to return to HyangJu and sell Nabi's jewelry while he investigates the fake Crimson Moon. Hwi Lee is angry that just as many villagers died in the revolt as from the plague, and he swears Mujin to secrecy. At Doctor Kim's clinic, Hwi Lee assists Doctor Ma with the sick patients, and is shocked to run into Danah.
36 locked
37 unlocked
38 unlocked
39 unlocked
40 unlocked
41 unlocked
42 unlocked
43 unlocked
44 unlocked
45 unlocked
46 unlocked
47 unlocked
48 unlocked
Hwi Lee and Juk Lee visit the place where the fire takes place. Won Lee is enraged because he thinks that Nabi might have been caught up in the fire.

57 stars detail

Season 3 - Bound by FateEdit

Episode No. Episode status
49 unlocked
Won Lee dreams of Nabi, wondering if she is still alive. The servants inform him of the welcome banquet that coming evening and the subsequent meeting of the two bridal candidates. One servant hands him a register of rebel names. He does not find Nabi's name listed, and finds it hard to believe that the army remained undetected for 10 years. He wonders where Nabi could be. It is now the 11th year of King JinWon's reign. The bridal candidates arrive at JinHee Palace, with Nabi escorting Danah. Nabi tells her to not trust anyone there. That evening, at the rebels' temporary hideout, Juk Lee plans another quick uprising, and later meets with RokHa at Moon End Village; Juk Lee reveals to RokHa that he is aware that he is both the fake Crimson Moon and the crown prince of SeoSeo. The following day at the palace, Nabi instructs Danah to hide her weaknesses from the Queen Mother. As Nabi waits outside the Queen Mother's quarters and thinks to herself that she did not expect to return like this 10 years later, someone addresses her from behind, surprising her. During the Queen Mother's meeting with the two bridal candidates, Danah Yu and SeRyun Hwang, the royal servants inform them that the king has added a third candidate: Princess HyunBin. The Queen Mother is livid.
50 unlocked
At the King's Library, shortly before Princess HyunBin's arrival at the meeting, the servants hold two newborn babies, a boy and a girl. The princess has neither won nor lost her bet with King JinWon, so he proposes an alternative: Since his intended bridal candidate is not around, he will make her his candidate instead. Later, as the princess is introduced to the other two candidates, she still mistakenly believes that Jagyum Yu's daughter is the one the king truly loves, but she is ready to fight for him. The king sneaks out of the palace and arrives at the JuWah District and the burnt remains of Yu HyangRu, lamenting that he has searched for a month now. He orders White Snake to get him the best liquor around, then pours some at the destroyed site in memory of Nabi. As the sun sets, he thinks of Hong; White Snake informs him that the payment for the painting is still unclaimed. He drunkenly stands and notes how quiet everything is now that the Crimson Moon is gone. At the banquet at JinHee Palace, the Ambassador looks on as the Councillor is congratulated, but his associate assures him that the Queen Mother, who will make the final choice, favors him. As everyone waits, the Crown Prince of SeoSeo offers up some entertainment, which intrigues the now-arriving King JinWon, reeking of alcohol. Danah is shocked to learn that the young Lord is actually the King. The Shadow Dance begins, and a flashback reveals that Nabi and RockHa met earlier to plot an assassination. The King approaches Nabi as she dances. She leaps and puts a dagger to his throat, but stops suddenly when she recognizes him.
51 locked
Nabi only nicks King JinWon's neck before quickly hiding the dagger in her sleeve. As he stands there in shock, he grabs her light-blue charm before collapsing. RokHa tells Nabi to flee during the resulting commotion, and they notice that she accidentally nicked her arm with the hidden dagger. Jagyum Yu notices her as she makes her exit. At the Valley of Kings outside the palace grounds, as the rebel army is poised to attack, Gyum Meng informs Juk Lee that the assassination attempt failed, and so the army retreats. The following day, at the Queen Mother's quarters, the doctor informs her that the king is in bad health due to lack of sleep and food, plus too much alcohol. Once she is alone with Jagyum Yu, she asks him who the dancer was, and that she knows she is his daughter's servant at the palace. She thinks to herself that the dancer looks just like "that hypocrite". The King wakes up with a bandage covering the wound on his neck, and he rips it off. He stomps over to the residence of the bridal candidates over the protests of his servants, and angrily spots Nabi. She and Danah mention their unexpected encounter with "him" the night before when the king suddenly appears alongside them. As Nabi wonders how much he remembers, he suddenly drags Danah away to spite Nabi. Danah misinterprets his anger and feels that she should be angry with him for knowing who she was the whole time. After a short conversation about recent events, the king tells her that they should just start over, leaving her with many unanswered questions. As the king takes his leave, SeRyun watches the scene from nearby.
52 locked
At Princess HyunBin's quarters, RokHa visits his infant cousins, noting that the girl smiles and laughs unlike her brother. Rei mentions that she thought he already returned to SeoSeo, and that she suspected him when the king collapsed, which he denies. She then asks him about the dancer who momentarily had the king's attention, and he teases that she is ignorant of affairs of the heart. After a brief angry exchange, Rei brings up her lands that RokHa had taken back, and he warns her not to let anyone else know about that for her own safety. He states that he is amazed that she became the third bridal candidate, but because of her growth in strength she now has more to lose. He tells her that he will stay until after the royal wedding, and he will keep a low profile if in return, she could do something for him. That evening in the courtyard of the bridal quarters, Danah looks at her sore hand and sighs. Nabi appears and throws a cloak over Danah, whose clothes are damp from the weather. Danah tries to analyze the king's words and behavior since they met, and decides that she does not hate him even though he does not return her feelings. Nabi asks if things would still be the same if he was not that boy from ten years ago, and Danah responds that it would not change her heart, and accepts that she has a painful road ahead. She then thanks her for being there for her. After Nabi returns to her room, her thoughts are tortured over the turn of events. She reveals that the only reason she stopped her dagger was to avoid hurting Danah, but now she is confused as to what to do now. A flashback from 11 years ago begins, with Juk Lee and Hwi Lee.
53 locked
11 years ago, the crown prince is introduced to his new companion. The two boys practice archery and calligraphy, and get into trouble together. The crown prince thinks of his companion as a brother, but the boy points out that he already has Prince HaeWon. The crown prince responds by telling him that he and Prince HaeWon are not allowed to see each other, and he does not know why. 10 years ago, during the JogWa Revolution, SonWu SoeYin tells the boys to find YoungHwa and hands them a red charm to give her. As they flee, Hwi Lee is stabbed by a poison dagger... They find YoungHwa and Juk Lee begs her to save them. She gives him an ultimatum to kill the boy, but he stabs his own eye instead. Hwi Lee wakes up a week later while SolHwa checks on him, but he runs out of his room and finds Juk Lee smiling, one eye bandaged, and his hair turned white. Back in the present, Nabi is resolved to never forget everyone who has given the crown prince their support. At a meeting with RokHa, Juk Lee suggests that they change their plans a little. As King JinWon walks through the palace grounds with his men, he thinks of how he never wanted to be king, and how as a child he wanted to be close to his brother. But now, they are enemies. He arrives at his meeting with the ministers, orders the cessation of the torture of Minister SonWu SoeYin, and orders his execution by the end of the month, in a bid to finally capture JinYon.
54 locked
In the middle of the night, Minister SonWu SoeYin is forcibly removed from prison by the King's orders. The next day, as Princess HyunBin and Danah, seated together at a table, await both the King and Lady SeRyun, Danah compliments the baby prince. HyunBin responds that she hates her for having something that she has wanted all her life. Danah tells her that she is mistaken since she is in the same situation because the King loves someone else; however, she will not back down from getting what she wants. HyunBin says that they cannot be good friends, but they can be good rivals. She then wonders who truly has the King's heart. Danah asks to see the baby prince, and HyunBin calls the nurse, who tells "BeckHwa" to follow her. Nabi looks up at the sound of a familiar name and sees SolHwa. Nabi recalls her earlier conversation with RokHa when he told her that they will place a spy in the palace as a way of contacting her. SolHwa carries the baby over to Danah, who sings him the Butterfly Lullaby. The prince opens his eyes and giggles, surprising everyone. Lady SeRyun arrives and SolHwa steps away with the baby prince, whispering to Nabi that she will contact her later. A servant serves hot tea to the three bridal candidates, but HyunBin, possibly recalling the way her mother was murdered, yanks the tablecloth, spilling all the tea, a portion of which burns Nabi's arm. King JinWon angrily arrives at the scene, glimpses Nabi's arm, orders everyone to return to the palace, and tells a servant to send the royal physician to Danah's quarters. HyunBin tells JiRyun to find out who prepared the tea. Lady SeRyun lingers behind and kicks a teacup into a nearby pond.
55 locked
The royal physician reports that Lady Danah's burn was not serious, and that he attempted to treat her maid's more severe burn but was refused. King JinWon is frustrated with the report. Later that evening, Danah bandages Nabi's arm. Nabi insists that it no longer hurts, but thinks to herself that the doctor could discover that she is a man. Danah later remarks that the scent of Nabi's plum blossom perfume charm has faded since they entered the palace. Nabi recalls that King JinWon snatched it when she attempted to kill him at the banquet. At that moment, he enters Danah's quarters. He asks her about her burn, and offers the jar of burn salve that the royal physician left behind earlier. Nabi attempts to leave to prepare some tea, but Danah insists on doing it instead, thinking that the king was actually worried about her. Nabi attempts to leave again, telling JinWon that she is fine, which angers him. He tells her that he has been unable to forget about her. Nabi tells him to leave her alone, and he responds that she is his and asks her to stay by his side. She refuses and he begins to shout a confession at her. Nabi hears a clatter from outside the doorway and discovers an angry Danah. Nabi tells JinWon that she sees nobody there. When JinWon hears nothing else from Nabi, he steps out to find out what she is doing, and finds only a tray of hot tea outside.
56 locked
The Queen Mother's recalls her earlier conversation with Yagyum Yu, in which both felt that Danah's maid looks oddly familiar. She questions Black Wolf if Prince JinYon was the former queen's only child. He replies that he is sure, and that she has no living relatives. The Queen Mother orders him to investigate the maid. Before he takes his leave, Black Wolf reveals that there is a rumor that Princess HyunBin has lost her lands in SeoSeo. King JinWon had spent the night waiting for Nabi and Danah, who never returned. He finally leaves with White Snake, who informs him that the money at the gallery still has not been collected. A pair of palace maids are shocked when they spot the king leaving Danah's residence, and rumors spread. Danah steps out with some gardening tools and thinks to herself that it was Nabi who had the king's heart all along. The night before, Nabi quietly followed Danah, who eventually told her that it was not her fault, since nobody can control their heart. Danah works in her garden, thinking of Nabi and their situation. Lady SeRyun appears and asks what she is doing there.
57 locked
Danah tells Lady SeRyun that she is planting medicinal herbs that are normally found outside of GaGook, and that they might help people even a little in case of another plague. Lady SeRyun expresses admiration for thinking of the people, and asks to join her. As Nabi looks on, SolHwa sneaks up and startles her. She explains that she and Juk decided that she would be the ideal person to sneak into the palace, posing as a messenger for the Crown Prince of SeoSeo, keeping him informed of the well-being of Princess HyunBin and the babies. She is here now to inform Lady Danah that the princess wishes to see her. Outside the princess's residence, they find a gaggle of maids crowding a merchant's table, courtesy of the Crown Prince of SeoSeo. Inside, the princess asks Danah to sing the lullaby to the baby prince again, since he has not smiled again since the last time. Danah agrees to do it. The baby smiles again, and HyunBin asks Danah to visit anytime she wants. Outside, RokHa Jang tells Nabi that he is glad that she is fine. She asks him his purpose for creating the commotion with the maids, and he replies that it makes a good distraction. He then leads Nabi to the table, where she sees Juk Lee posing as a merchant, telling her that he came to get her out. Lady SeRyun suspiciously plants some seeds in Danah's garden.
58 locked
As Gyum Meng distracts the group of women, Nabi asks Juk Lee why he is here. He responds that he is here to get her out of the palace and they can come up with a new plan. Nabi asks about the upcoming execution of their teacher, and he informs her that SonWu SoeYin cannot be found anywhere in HyangJu, and that the king is using the execution as bait. Nabi deduces that their teacher must be hidden in the palace where the king can keep an eye on him. She then informs RokHa Jang that she will stay a few more days in order to find her teacher. RokHa reveals that Juk Lee had anticipated this so he came up with a plan, and whispers the details. He is about to hand a new perfume charm to Nabi when an arrow suddenly shatters it. In the distance, King JinWon stands angrily holding a bow. He then storms off, cancelling his meeting with the ministers. RokHa suggests that things might be easier if Nabi just seduces him. In the evening, Hwi Lee puts on his Crimson Moon mask. A room holds crates full of "merchandise" from the NakChung Trading Company; at the appointed hour, the crates open and Mujin and BeckHo step out. Also somewhere in the night, an apothecary presents a paralyzing poison, which is to be administered to the back of the neck with a needle, to a mysterious customer. The customer repays him by having him murdered.
59 locked
BeckHo and Mujin, with masks on, meet up with Hwi Lee under the cover of darkness. The two men report that they have been unable to locate their teacher. Hwi Lee thinks that if it were him, he would hide him in the safest and most secret location where he could keep an eye on him. He decides to search the king's bedchamber, and notes that it was easy to get in. He locates SonWu SoeYin under the covers on the bed, but suddenly the king and several soldiers appear. They are ambushed by BeckHo and Mujin, and Black Wolf realizes that they had been alive the past 11 years. He decides to take on Mujin, his predecessor in the BiYong Palmu, who he says has a crippled arm. Hwi Lee reminds Mujin that rescue takes priority over revenge. As Black Wolf begins to attack, Mujin throws a smoke bomb. Black Wolf and his soldiers run in pursuit, but once outside they run into their own army. Hwi Lee, BeckHo (carrying SonWu SoeYin), and Mujin attempt to escape through a tunnel under the bedchamber, which was originally constructed by King JinHyul, Hwi Lee's father, as a secret emergency exit from the palace. Mujin reveals that there are two problems with this escape route: Black Wolf knows it exists, and its construction was halted 10 years ago. They reach a dead end.
This is the last episode that was fan-translated.
60 locked
Black Wolf and his soldiers catch up in tunnel and fire their arrows. Hwi Lee tries to swipe the arrows with his sword, but misses some and is hit. Mujiin searches along the wall and finds a loose rock. A smoke bomb is thrown, and then the tunnel suddenly becomes flooded with water. Mujin revealed just before their escape that the end of the tunnel was deliberately placed next to an underground canal that feeds to the palace pond. As they exit the pond, Mujin notices that Hwi Lee is bleeding. An hour before, Gyum Meng knocked out a North Gate guard and took his place. The three rebels split up and head to the North Gate, each carrying a bundle over their shoulder to confuse the pursuing soldiers who want both SonWu SoeYin and the Crimson Moon. Hwi Lee is bleeding heavily and has difficulty staying alert. Danah is awoken by the commotion outside and seeks out Nabi, who would normally be at her side at a time like this. Danah enters Nabi's quarters, which appears empty at first, and sees something on the floor.
61 locked
Danah is surprised to find Nabi unconscious on the floor, and yells for someone to summon the doctor. As she tries to wake her up, she finds that Nabi is ice cold and bleeding. Danah attempts to find the wound, opens the front of Nabi's dress as her wig falls off, and discovers that Nabi is in fact a man. Danah is confused for a bit before realizing that Nabi is Hong. She moves away from Hong and notices the Crimson Moon mask. As she is about to call for help, she remembers Doctor Ma's words that a seriously ill patient must be treated immediately, recalls the time the Crimson Moon saved her from assassins, and also recalls all the times Nabi had helped her. The royal physician arrives, but Danah manages to get rid of him. Black Wolf informs the king that the rebels escaped with the prisoner. At sunrise, the rebels outside the palace give up waiting for Nabi to avoid being captured themselves, so Juk Lee leaves it to RokHa Jang to help her. Some ministers discuss the rumor that the king failed to capture Prince JinYon at the palace. Hong (Hwi Lee) wakes up to find Danah sitting nearby, and realizes that his torso is bandaged up. He sits up in surprise, and Danah sternly asks, "Who are you?"
62 locked
Hong realizes that his secret is out. Danah asks the question again. Hong thinks of how the lies have piled up and that Danah may never forgive him. Danah cries that he is not who she thought he was, and that she was also afraid that he would die during the night. He simply tells her that he is sorry. Danah is upset with that answer, but he tells her that the truth will make everything even harder. He finally admits that he is the Crimson Moon. Princess HyunBin attempts to visit the Queen Mother, but is refused at the door. When she sees Lady SeRyun, someone the Queen Mother had not favored before, exiting the residence, she wonders if the Queen Mother learned that she lost the title to her lands in SeoSeo. King JinWon arrives, and ignores her as he enters his mother's residence. The Queen Mother is angry over a scandalous rumor that the king spent the night at Danah's residence, and the fact that the Councillor is spurring it on. Hong tells Danah that it is okay if she turns him in to the king for her own safety, but she thinks of the times the three of them spent together before the truth of his identity finally settles in.
63 locked
Danah asks Hong if he approached her because she is the Councillor's daughter, but he insists that he had no idea and only found out later. Danah stands up, tells him to keep his distance, and states that she will give him a day to leave the palace before she tells everything to the king, as a thank-you for all he had done for her. Danah then steps out of the bedchamber only to run into SolHwa, who says that Princess HyunBin would like her to visit. Her true purpose was to check on Nabi on behalf of SeoSeo's Crown Prince. Danah prevents her from seeing Nabi and orders her to accompany her. During their walk, a tired-looking Nabi follows from a distance; Danah wishes she would just flee. At the princess's residence, SolHwa pulls Nabi aside and asks what happened between her and Danah. Nabi claims to be fine, but SolHwa sees her sad expression and tells her that everything has become too much for her to handle so she should just let all of it go. Nabi begins to cry. She says she was willing to raise an army and pretend to be a woman if it meant to reclaim the throne, but she fell in love and now feels its pain. The Councillor watches the Left Ambassador leave the Queen Mother's residence on his way to meet with her, and has a bad feeling. Inside, she informs the Councillor that she has made her choice for the bride, and passes him the chosen bridal statement, to be officially announced the next day. She turns her back on him, adding that she warned him not to mess with her. She then suddenly collapses, paralyzed. The Councillor was the mysterious customer who murdered the apothecary after obtaining the poison (Ep.58). Her tells her that she will not die just yet, at least not until she watches him rule GaGook.
64 locked
King JinWon rushes to his mother's residence and finds her lying motionless in bed. The royal physician explains that she collapsed in the presence of the Councillor and, even though she is paralyzed, she is awake and aware of everything around her. He is unable to give the king a definite cause, but it could be a stroke, poisoning, or trauma. The Councillor attempts to give the king the chosen bridal statement (a different-colored scroll from the one the Queen Mother originally gave him). He then tells him that with all the problems facing the country, he needs a trusted ally at his side and a quick marriage. As he kowtows to the king, tears fall from the Queen Mother's face. Once he king has him swear his loyalty and protection, he tells the Councillor to announce the bridal selection at sunrise. However, since his mother is no longer in any condition to make the choice, he will choose Royal Consort HyunBin as his new queen. The Left Ambassador rushes to his daughter's residence; SeRyun glares at her father.
65 locked
SeRyun accuses her father of getting her hopes up for nothing, but he retorts that the Queen Mother promised and that he could not foresee her collapse. He then accuses her of not making any effort to win the king's favor. She tells him to calm down, and that it is not over yet. At sunrise, there is a scream at Princess HyunBin's residence. Elsewhere, Princess HyunBin asks the Crown Prince of SeoSeo for the title of her lands to be returned to her. She suspects that the King and Queen Mother have found out she lost it, and that her life is in danger if she has nothing. Her guard JiRyun Gwak rushes towards her calling her name. At her residence, the baby prince has been found dead, and Princess HyunBin goes into shock and collapses. King JinWon becomes furious when he receives the news. When the Councillor is summoned by the king, he laughs to himself at this sudden turn of events. The king orders the palace gates shut, with triple the security and severe restrictions on who can enter and leave, due to evidence that the baby prince had been poisoned. Nabi and SolHwa find themselves trapped inside the palace grounds as a result. Danah remains silent about Nabi. Princess HyunBin dreams that the baby is still alive; he then vanishes, yet she can still hear him crying outside.
66 locked
Princess HyunBin runs outside into the night to follow the sound of her crying baby. Her maid sees her running off and follows her. The Princess tells her baby that she is sorry she was unable to protect him, and that she was a bad mother. Days later, the maids gossip that the Princess wanders the palace grounds every night like a ghost, and that she was found the night before by the lake with her arms curled as if she was holding a baby. Danah overhears some of the gossip. As she walks deep in thought, she runs into Nabi, who thanks Danah for not turning her in yet and tells her to not be afraid. Danah thinks to herself that she is worried, not afraid, but they should not be concerned with each other because she is a Queen candidate and Nabi is a rebel. In the evening, Princess HyunBin follows the sound of her baby crying to the Palace Lake, sees a blanket floating in the water, panics, and jumps in, sinking to the bottom. Danah jumps in after her and rescues her. Inside the Princess's residence, her guard JiRyun Gwak notices the scent of dream flower in her tea, and demands to know who prepared it. As Danah tries to revive the Princess by the lake, her father and several ministers approach. The Councillor shouts that the Princess has gone mad.
67 locked
Both Danah and her father are surprised to see each other. The Councillor is secretly disappointed that his daughter did not let the Princess drown, and he orders her back to her quarters. As she walks back alongside the lake, she spots the blanket in the water and pulls it out, causing a block of wood to fall out. Danah deduces that someone put it there on purpose. She suddenly overhears her father and someone in the shadows talking about the Princess falling into their trap, with witnesses, and that the dream flower worked better than expected. Danah is shocked that her own father would go so far to make her a queen, and thinks to herself that she refuses to gain the position that way. Nabi lurks nearby, watching Danah. The day after the baby prince's funeral, the King is angry that his ministers are insisting that Princess HyunBin be removed from the palace because she is unfit to be Queen. The King defends her, arguing that she is in shock because she lost her child, but agrees to see her himself. Princess HyunBin wakes up to the news that the baby princess has been taken away. As she scrambles out the front door of her residence, she faces the King and his ministers. She continues to ramble about her princess crying for her, so the King tests her sanity with a simple game of rock-paper-scissors, with him holding out paper. She responds with scissors, so he offers to give her what she wants for winning. She says that she only wants to stay by his side with her baby princess. A minister protests, and the King responds by cutting him down with his sword. The ministers continue to protest for some time before the King finally relents and revokes Princess HyunBin's selection as Queen.
68 locked
While a note burns in the fireplace, Nabi grunts in pain as SolHwa wraps some bandages. Nabi says that she is fine, but SolHwa knows that the wounds are not healing since Nabi is moving about at night instead of resting. SolHwa mentions a nurse that Nabi wanted her to look into as she puts some medicine away, and notices some painting equipment. She remarks that Nabi paints when she is anxious. She says that Juk's letter that they just burned had a hidden message, and she wants to know what it said. Nabi tells her to listen carefully. Outside Nabi's quarters, King JinWon recalls his earlier argument with Nabi (Ep.55). Instead of going inside, he takes a horse and rides to BiHwa Forest, half hoping to find his old "friend" Hong there, and remembers the wings Hong drew in the sand for him so he could "fly away". Danah looks out her window and thinks of all the people—Lord Won Lee, Nabi, and her father—who turned out to be different from what she originally thought they were. She feels as though she is prisoner trapped in a gilded cage. The next day, Danah climbs a tree in an attempt to catch a bird, but falls out when the King arrives. He ends up trapping the bird himself, puts it in a cage, and hands it to Danah. She hands it back and tells him that it is a gift from her, to give him wings. The King releases the bird, tells her that he feels better, and offers to grant her a wish. When she says that it is about the bridal candidacy, he frowns and assumes that she is selfish like all the others. However, she asks that he remove her as a bridal candidate.
69 locked
On the busy streets of HyangJu, Danah walks uncomfortably between Nabi and Won Lee, who asks Danah where she wants to go. They both agree that they hate the palace. He asks her if she really wants to leave, and she replies that it would make him happier, but... Won Lee tells her to finish what she was saying, but she shakes her head. Danah thinks to herself that she cannot tell him about her father or Hong. She tells him to be happy, but he asks how could he if she is no longer there with him. His eyes move in the direction of Nabi. Danah notices, and asks him to let Nabi go as well. He is surprised that she is aware of his feelings for Nabi. Danah then tells him about the dust on butterfly wings and how it can cause momentary blindness and pain if it gets in your eyes, and how the butterfly itself will die if it loses it dust from being handled. Won Lee laments that everyone is telling him to let her go, even Hong. He adds that since this is goodbye, she should tell him where to go, and drags her away. Nabi spots Juk Lee in a nearby alley and slips away. Juk Lee asks her if she received his letter and if they are rushing things, but Nabi replies that there is already plenty of fighting and distrust in the palace court, so now is the best time to act. She then asks how their teacher is doing, and Juk Lee responds that he is still busy turning people against the King. He adds that the Crown Prince of SeoSeo, who happens to be furious with the situation with Princess HyunBin and brought a large amount of weapons as a result, is now allowed to re-enter the palace. Nabi bites her thumb and gives Juk Lee her fingerprint on a piece of paper to use to collect the payment for Hong's last painting from the gallery, in order to pay the Patriciate of the NakChung Company. She then ask Juk Lee for one more thing... Doctor MiSong Ma answers a knock at his door, and is shocked to see Juk Lee, who tells the shaking man that he will have a chance to redeem himself.
70 locked
Like old times, Danah and Won Lee are back the old man's gambling table, with Won Lee ignoring the number she suggests he bet on. In the next round, he ignores her again while Nabi puts a pile of coins on Danah's number. Nabi wins, while Won Lee is now out of money. Won Lee remembers the cash he left at the gallery for Hong's painting, but White Snake informs him that the money has just been collected. Won Lee is excited at the idea that Hong has returned to HyangJu and wants to go look for him. Soldiers on horseback suddenly appear, there to arrest Danah for the murder of the baby prince. As Nabi protests that she is innocent, a soldier whispers the details to Won Lee. When the soldiers decide to arrest Nabi as an accomplice, Danah surrenders to the soldiers to protect Nabi's true identity. Danah is sure that it is a misunderstanding that can be cleared up. Won Lee prevents Nabi from following Danah, and reveals that Danah had poisonous plants in her garden, she frequently visted HyunBin's quarters, and the baby's blanket was found in her room. He adds that if Danah is innocent, the most suspicious person would be Nabi, who is always with her. At the palace, Danah, covered in blood, is tortured in front of King JinWon, but she maintains her innocence. When he mentions the blanket found in her bedchamber, she recalls her father speaking with the mysterious man near the pond as she held the blanket she found in the water. Danah bows her head, and the king steps forward to ask her what she wanted to tell him earlier.
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King JinWon tells Danah that he let it go earlier, but now he wants to know what she held back from telling him (Ep.69). He then asks if she is protecting someone. He becomes furious at her silence and orders his men to continue beating her until she confesses. Nabi listens to the beating outside the walls. At sunset, the king tells his men to stop for now and throw Danah into a cell without any water. Nabi sadly watches her being carried to the prison. As the king passes through a corridor with a throng of servants, he spots Nabi, and dismisses everyone. Nabi asks him what will happen to Danah, since continuing the torture will kill her. The king states that there was so much evidence, but Nabi asks him if he really believes that Danah is capable of murder. He admits that Danah is likely innocent, but her father is definitely guilty. Nabi points out that Danah will never speak against her father. The king agrees, but suddenly realizes that Jagyum Yu will have make a move since this is his daughter, and they may get the opportunity to catch him. Inside her residence, Lady SeRyun begins to giggle, then laugh heartily. She tells her father that they almost have the world in their hands, so he must clean up and make her maid disappear permanently. In the night, the maid runs for her life as the Left Ambassador and several soldiers give chase. The maid trips, and watches the swords swing towards her, but she is saved by the Crimson Moon. The Left Ambassador catches up but finds the soldiers all dead. At Princess HyunBin's residence, she sits with her baby daughter when her guard JiRyun Gwak asks how she is doing. She says that the effects of the dream flower have almost worn off, and asks him about the traitor and if it is Danah. Her guard says there was so much evidence, but Rei admits that all that evidence bothers her. Her guard also mentions that they are unable to find who was behind the poisoned tea, because the maid who prepared it committed suicide before she could be questioned. Rei strongly suspects Jagyum Yu. They both suddenly hear a rustle outside the window, and Nabi appears carrying Lady SeRyun's maid.
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Early the next morning, the Councillor begs the king to free his daughter, while the king wonders if he would go as far as confessing in order to save her. The Councillor nervously points out that all evidence against Danah is circumstantial, but in the end, the king orders him to leave the palace. As he exits the building, the other ministers avoid and ignore him. He becomes suspicious that both he and Princess HyunBin have been targeted, yet SeHyung Hwang remains unscathed. He locates Nabi, and they quietly hatch a plot. That evening, the king orders Danah's torture to cease for the day. While trying to deal with the business of the palace, he becomes overwhelmed with all of the reports and documents left for him by the absent ministers. A soldier suddenly enters and announces that the "real" murderer (Nabi) has surrendered. Danah wakes up the next morning in her own bed, and with her wounds bandaged; her father looks upon her condescendingly.
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Danah asks her father what happened. He tells her that her carelessness regarding the blanket could have cost them everything. She blames his greed for their misfortune. He angrily retorts that he created the king and confesses that 10 years prior, he destroyed the BiYong ShipMu and burned the palace in an agreement with the Queen Mother in order to make Danah the queen. He adds that the crown prince escaped and became the Crimson Moon. Danah is shocked at this revelation. The Councillor insists that anyone who stands in their way, including the Queen Mother, will be disposed of, and he had no choice but to sacrifice Nabi to free her. Danah becomes angry, and her father realizes that she already knew Nabi was a rebel. Danah tells him that she will never forgive him if Nabi is hurt, and struggles to leave her quarters. SolHwa relays the news to the Crown Prince of SeoSeo; he wants to save Nabi, but in a flashback, Nabi tells SolHwa to take on the job of lighting the fuse in case something happens to her. Flashback to the afternoon of Nabi's surrender: Nabi tells an unseen person of her plans to surrender. Flashback to the night before her surrender: Nabi is informed by a guard that Danah will not last much longer. SolHwa overhears and becomes upset with Nabi's plans. At the rebel headquarters, Juk Lee realizes that Hwi Lee could never keep his promise of getting rid of Danah if she ever became an obstacle.
74 locked
Danah struggles to walk to Nabi's chambers, only to find soldiers who have completed their search of her room. They found no evidence, only a painting that was left behind, and so they allow Danah to enter. She trembles when she sees the opened painting. Flashback from before they arrived at the palace: Danah asks Nabi if there is anything that she wants. She simply answers that she would like to walk in broad daylight as herself, by Danah's side. At the time, Danah misunderstands what she means, and takes her out on a stroll, hand in hand. Soon it begins to rain, and Nabi gives Danah her red cloak. Back in the city, they pass by a painting by Hong called "BiHwa Forest". Danah reveals that seeing the painting give her strength and warmth. Back in the present, the painting now has the images of Danah and Hwi Lee (as himself) walking hand in hand. Danah cries.
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On the afternoon of Nabi's surrender, King JinWon is shocked at the news of her arrest and wonders why she would do this now of all times. At the Royal Court, the ministers are surprised at the Councillor's change of fortune. They then demand a royal interrogation of the latest "traitor". The Councillor is eager to dispose of Nabi in order to hide her connection to him, so he presses the issue as well. The king has no choice but to start Nabi's torturous interrogation. Back in the present, a servant informs the king that the torture has stopped for the night, as per his order. Still angry, he storms out. Nabi sits in her dark prison cell, watching a butterfly in the moonlight. She hears footsteps approaching, and Danah appears with a worried expression.
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Nabi asks Danah why she has come to her cell. Danah become teary-eyed, blames herself for Nabi's pain, and apologizes over and over. Nabi tells her to cry out loud or she will only hurt her heart. Danah suddenly recalls the boy in her past telling her the same thing, and asks Nabi if she knows the lullaby she often sings. Nabi denies knowing it, thinking that the truth is meaningless since she will come to hate her soon enough. Nabi admits that she not only did this for Danah, but to protect something else. She then tells Danah that her last request is for her to trust a girl named SolHwa who will find her later. Nabi tells her to never return, but she refuses and tells "Hong" to never give up, before she reveals that she will tell the king about her father's crimes. Danah reveals a hidden knife as Nabi protests. A cloaked guard appears behind Danah and pulls her away, and the king assures Nabi that she will be safe at her residence. At her own quarters, Princess HyunBin notes that Nabi surrendered as promised, and looks at the trembling maid hidden in the corner as she thinks of her next task.
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Princess HyunBin recalls her conversation with Nabi, who asked her for help to catch the true killer of the baby prince. HyunBin suspected both Jagyum Yu, who tried to get her banished from the court, and SeHyung Hwang. Nabi points out that Lady Danah's arrest puts the Councillor's entire household in danger, therefore someone else was responsible for the death of the prince, the only person still happy: Lady SeRyun Hwang. HyunBin insists that she needs proof to overcome all the evidence against Lady Danah, so Nabi offers her Lady SeRyun's maid, the one who poisoned the prince and who SeHyung Hwang tried to eliminate. Nabi asks HyunBin to keep her safe until she speaks up and confesses, but the princess asks her why she should trust her. Nabi reveals that she will surrender to the king in order to save her lady from dying of torture, and that she trusts the princess not to kill the maid because she wants the real murderer caught. Back in the present, HyunBin tells the maid that she will not wait indefinitely for her to speak up, and that she will only keep her alive if she talks before the break of dawn. The next morning, the king still sits in prison outside Nabi's cell, lamenting that she chooses JinYon over him. He offers her anything she wishes if she would abandon JinYon for him. She replies that he will never have her. The king discovers the knife Danah left behind, and laughs that they all want to escape from him. He tells Nabi that the only way she can leave the palace is if one of them dies, then storms off.
78 locked
At the Queen Mother's residence, King JinWon's personal servant searches for him, but is told by the staff that he has not visited that day. As the servant leaves, he thinks to himself that he did not recognize any of the staff there. Danah wakes up in her own bed and vaguely recalls being carried away from the prison and spotting the king there. She leaves her residence to search for him and runs into his personal servant, who is still looking for him as well. The servant deduces that he must be in the Chamber of Eternal Life, where the portraits of all the kings are kept. Danah runs there, and the guards allow her entry. She finds the king asking the portrait of his father how he can protect those important to him. When he hears a sound, he angrily turns around, but relaxes again when he sees that it is Danah. She tells him that she came to deliver an important message—that she would like him to exile her and her father, maybe to a nice, warm island in the south. Instead, the king angrily storms out, and finds HyunBin just outside.
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As Lady SeRyun arranges flowers in her residence, she notices a troubled expression on her father's face and asks him if something is wrong. He replies that there is nothing to worry about, and SeRyun adds that everything is going very well, before pausing and asking her father if he took care of "the rest". He lies and replies yes. SeRyun's happy mood is interrupted by a loud bang at their door. The soldiers outside announce that they have come to arrest the both of them. Soon enough, they are both tortured to draw out a confession, but Lady SeRyun continues to deny any wrongdoing and cries out that her accusation is false. The king then calls forth a witness—Lady SeRyun's maid—and orders her to confess all the details. She admits to following her mistress's orders to poison the baby prince. Lady SeRyun is now furious, but continues to deny any involvement. The maid produces a deed to land given to her as a reward as evidence, and reveals that her mistress is wearing a necklace that holds the same poison that killed the prince. The king pronounces Lady SeRyun and her father guilty and sentences them to death; both are drawn and quartered. Jagyum Yu looks on, smirking. That night at HyunBin's residence, the princess tells the maid that she will be escorted to a new place to live. The maid is extremely grateful, until she realizes where the princess's guards have taken her—the place where plague victims are quarantined.
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